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(Choices C and D) The current ratio and quick ratio are liquidity metrics that assess a company’s ability to meet its short-term obligations. Collection of a receivable involves increasing one current/quick asset (cash) and decreasing another current/quick asset (A/R). Because the overall amount of current/quick assets does not change when receivables are collected, the current and quick ratios are unaffected. (Choice D) The ratio would not change based on a potential sale of inventory.

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(Choice D) State and government agencies use employee purchase cards so that employees can pay for immaterial, routine goods and services without using a standard purchase requisition. (Choice A) A validity check compares data entered in a field to acceptable values, indicating a potential error when there is not a match. For example, a payroll check with $1 million payment amount would exceed an acceptable value of $5,000 per paycheck.

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The Financial Accounting & Reporting (FAR) section of the CPA Exam is mainly focused on financial accounting and reporting of for-profit entities. Expect a few questions over accounting for not-for-profit entities and governmental entities. Its five testlets are broken into two with 33 MCQs apiece (66 total) and three with a total of 8 TBSs.

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However, if the assets are actually sold or disposed of for cash, the cash received for them would then be included in the ratio. Marketable securities (eg, trading debt securities) are assets the investor has acquired in an attempt to profit by buying and selling within a short period of time. These assets are carried typically at fair value; fluctuating market prices limit the usefulness of this ratio because the changing prices could cause the quick ratio to rapidly increase or decrease. The purpose of comprehensive income is to report all changes in equity from nonowner sources. Therefore, by including OCI, comprehensive income provides a more complete accounting of all changes from nonowner sources.

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Personal property is anything that is not real property (eg, cars, contract rights). Items can be converted from real property to personal property, and vice versa. These CPA test questions include detailed answer explanations, so be sure to pay special attention to those at the end of your exam. With NetSuite, you go live in a predictable timeframe — smart, stepped implementations begin with sales and span the entire customer lifecycle, so there’s continuity from sales to services to support. You should still find the right CPA review course for you so that you have everything you need to pass. However, you can use these materials to learn more about the exam and inform your review course decision.

The Missouri Society of Certified Public Accountants, or MOCPA, has 140 free MCQs available online. But, the AICPA does not include answers to these free CPA questions. As the makers of the CPA Exam, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) has created a free CPA Exam tutorial and sample tests. In my opinion, this resource is a must-try for all CPA Exam candidates. It might be hard to believe, but some industry sources provide free CPA review, free CPA Exam questions, and more to everyone with internet access.

If the farmer sells just the crops, whether grown or harvested, they are considered personal property (Choice C). Personal property is any tangible or intangible object that is subject to being owned and not categorized as real property. Real property is land and anything permanently affixed to the land (eg, buildings). The focus of laws regulating personal property is to promote trade through the easy transfer of ownership. The focus of laws regulating real property is to establish and maintain proper title (ie, ownership). An entity’s comprehensive income is the total of its net income (loss) and other comprehensive income (OCI).

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Under the IaaS model, the CSP would be contractually responsible for maintaining servers, storage, and networking capabilities, creating virtual instances of those capabilities for each user entity. IaaS does not include platform components (eg, operating system, middleware) included in a PaaS model nor software components (eg, applications, data) included in a SaaS model. Even though a corporation’s penalty for underpay-ing federal estimated taxes is in the nature of interest, it is treated as an addition to tax, and as such, the penalty is not deductible. (Choice A) Expense of $150,000 is the difference between the market price of the 150,000 shares of stock issued under the ESPP and the cost of the treasury stock. This amount is not recorded as an expense, but is instead booked to additional paid-in capital when the stock is reissued. The market price of the stock issued under the employee stock purchase plan (ESPP) is $1,050,000.

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Furthermore, a CPA review course saves you money as it can prepare you well enough to pass the first time and avoid paying to retake an exam section. Their courses come with 7,700+ MCQs and 400 TBSs, so you’ll get access to lots of extra free CPA questions. Second, the opportunity to interact with the most realistic replica of the CPA Exam available is invaluable.

Lambers has created 1,000 CPA prep questions to test your CPA Exam knowledge. As you answer the free CPA questions, you can see the correct answers, which cloud accounting: ‎cloud accounting podcast on apple podcasts is obviously not similar to the real exam. Just as you would with the real CPA Exam, you must begin the sample tests by entering your Launch Code.

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However, the $10,000 fees for promoting and selling partnership interests (ie, syndication costs) do not. Because the operations began on April 1, the maximum amount deductible in Year 5 is $5,513, as calculated below. No immediate deduction or amortization is allowed for syndication costs; instead, these costs are capitalized. Therefore, costs for promoting and selling partnership interests are not deductible. General controls over access to computers and files are particularly important for sensitive data, such as payroll information. Access to payroll programs and data should require the use of sophisticated passwords and/or biometrics to authenticate users.

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Instead, this short video (6.5 minutes) walks you through the exam experience. Also, it discusses how to use Microsoft Excel, the Authoritative Literature, and the cut, copy, paste, and highlight functions on the exam. Finally, the video explains the exhibits and offers additional resources. (Choice B) Cash accounting recognizes revenue when the customer pays (six months). Accrual accounting requires five-step revenue recognition, under which timing of cash receipts is not considered.

Control risk (CR) is the risk that internal control will fail to prevent a material misstatement. Along with inherent risk, CR determines the risk that a material misstatement exists in the financial statements. The higher the risk of material misstatement (RMM), the less risk auditors are willing to take that the audit will fail to identify a material misstatement (ie, detection risk). Detection risk can be lowered by the application of additional substantive procedures.

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