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Capital Expenditure CapEx Definition, Formula, and Examples

Separating operating expenses and capital expenses can help you better manage and understand your company’s expenses and make informed decisions about investments and operations. Ultimately, this can lead to sustained growth, which is the holy grail for any business. Both are two sides of the same coin and have their own importance in the business.…

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Back Office Overview, History, Staff Roles and Qualifications Cloned

Several variables, including geography, experience level, and company size, affect the typical salary for a data entry operator. Generally, this profession pays between back office accounting services $20,000 and $35,000 annually on average in the US. In contrast to the front office, the back office integrates all administrative and logistical sales-related tasks. Nonetheless, many consider…

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Common Size Financial Statement: Definition and Example

The common-size balance sheet functions much like the common-size income statement. Each line item on the balance sheet is restated as a percentage of total assets. Analysts also use vertical analysis of a single financial statement, such as an income statement. Vertical analysis consists of the study of a single financial statement in which each…

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