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ActivTrades Review 2024 Pros, Cons & Key Features Revealed

The platform is compatible with major web browsers, excluding Internet Explorer. The company’s number of employees runs in the hundreds and it has offices in Milan, Bahamas, Dubai, Bulgaria (Sofia) and Luxembourg. ActivTrades Corp is a subsidiary of ActivTrades PLC, authorized and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The global brokerage also holds…

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Using the Rising Wedge Pattern in Forex Trading

The chart below is the same eurjpy chart and it illustrates the strategy as described above. The correction takes place, which happens in the formation of a falling wedge. Two trend lines converge and before they eventually intersect, the price breaks out higher. A falling or descending wedge has the opposite structure of the rising…

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Market Capitalization: How Is It Calculated and What Does It Tell Investors?

Generally, large-cap stocks experience slower growth and are more likely to pay dividends than faster-growing, small- or mid-cap stocks. With billions of dollars worth of valuation, a large-cap company may have more room to invest a few hundred millions in a new stream of business and may not take a big hit if the venture…

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